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Ainsworths Bach Flower Essences

Range: Bach Flower Essences, Space clearing sprays.

Tony Pinkus of Ainsworths is the current BAFEP Chair

Contact Details

36 New Cavendish Street, London, W1M 7LH
0207 935 5330
0207 486 4313

Producer: Tony Pinkus

Allies of Nature

The Allies Of Nature range of Leadership Essences are designed to support us as warriors for a new Earth assisting us with all the leadership qualities that we require in order to fulfil our greatest potential and so begin to lead our community forward into the more sustainable society that we all wish to be a part of.


By letting nature be our ally through the flowers and their essences we can start to bring balance and harmony back to ourselves and our planet, aligning both our inner and outer nature as we go.


With its range of 17 Leadership Essences Allies Of Nature hopes to light a path to the future in order to establish a greater understanding of how flowers, animals and humans all interrelate, in so doing, becoming Allies Of Nature once again ourselves.


Contact Details

The Oaks, Cadleigh, Ivybridge, Devon, Pl21 9HW

07929 312675



Producer: Simon Blackler

Angel Essences by Hazel Raven

Ranges: Angel, Archangel, Children of the Angels, Chakra Harmony.
Sacred space aura mists, books and distance learning courses.
These four ranges of Angel Essence are therapeutic tools of light using guided combinations created by Hazel Raven in a calm and meditative state of mind. These transformational catalysts are designed for those who wish to work more closely with the angelic realm. Hazel has been clairvoyantly attuned to the angels and elemental energies since birth.
Children of the Angels. Five elemental aura sprays to support and enhance connection to the elemental realms.
Archangel. A range of 18 essences to call in the gifts of the Archangels. Used for angelic attunement and spiritual growth.
Ten unique Angel essences designed for protection, grounding and upliftment.
Chakra Harmony essences. Nine essences to balance and enhance the Chakras (Energy Centres)

These four essence ranges has been developed with love, sensitivity and angelic guidance over the last twenty-two years.
Each essence contains a combination of crystal, gemstone, colour, flower, tree, sacred sound and channelled cosmic energy. There are 50 essences in the range.
The Archangel and Children of the Angel essences were produced in the Valley of the Sun in Southern Spain. 

Contact Details

PO Box 88, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8YA
01942 873070

Producer: Hazel Raven

An-Grianan Essences

An-Grianan Essences comprises of three main ranges – Tree Spirit Essences, Plant Spirit Essences, and Flower Essences (singles and combinations).  I also supply Stock Kits for Practitioner/Home use, Room Mists, and personalised essences.

The Tree & Plant Spirit Essences are made by direct invocation, while the Flower Essences are made by the traditional method, mainly from wild flowers growing on our land and the surrounding area, and some from the garden flowers here at An-Grianan.

I also offer workshops for groups and one-to-one - check out my Website and Facebook page for information.

Contact Details

An-Grianan, Forres, Moray, IV36 2RR


Facebook: Susan McCrone - An-Grianan Essences & Nature Connection

Producer: Susan McCrone

Anusha Essences

An Anusha Essence contains the signature vibration of an Anusha symbol, captured in water. A small amount of the original water and Anusha symbol combination is then further diluted and preserved. This means one or two drops can be taken and the healing properties of that symbol can help rebalance our emotional, spiritual and energetic needs.

Contact Details

5a Watford Road, Croxley Green, Herts. WD3 3DL




Producer: Julia Flash

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