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Deborah's Starlight Essences

Range: Vibrational essences.

Contact Details

Albany House, 3 New Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2PH
01722 414451
01722 414456

Producer: Deborah Reiter



Dingle Essences


The Dingle Essences have been created in and around the beautiful landscape of Dingle town. Dingle is a small port town on the southwest Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula, well known for its rugged scenery. The landscape is stunning, magical, enchanted and remains very un-touched. I was drawn to create this range, as my father was born on a far, just outside the town of Dingle, where his childhood was spent working on his farm and exploring the charmed countryside.

National Geographic once called Dingle “the most beautiful place on earth”. The area is steeped in ancient history. It is thought that the earliest settlers arrived during the Stone Age, this enabled the Celtic tribes that eventually settled there, namely the Gaels and the Irish to survive, and allowed their expansive culture to flourish. Today, relics of their activities can still be found and some of these have been used to create the beautiful Dingle Essences.

Contact Details:

"Casa de Angeles", 46 Wood Dale, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8EZ


Producer: Caroline Thomas

EarthSong Essences

EarthSong Essences are a range of Flower. Gem & Environmental Essences. They are called EarthSong Essences as the Earth is always singing, and these Essences can help us listen more deeply. With the help of these Essences we can get back 'in tune' with ourselves, each other and the Earth. They can be described as 'Nature Transfusions'. They are made with love and reverence for The Earth by Sharon Keenan from 'Of The Essence' and are mostly made in Southampton and The New Forest


Contact Details

16 Henstead Court, 37 Devonshire Road, Southampton SO15 2GJ

Tel: 0789 909 5279

Producer: Sharon Keenan


Elven Essences/Four Directions/Andara Collection

Ranges: Dorset Summer Berry, Andara Stones, Mediteranean Kitchen Garden, Tarot Essences


Contact Details

5 The Acres, Martock, Somerset, TA12 6DD


Producer: Jason Carpenter

Erik's Essences

Butterfly , Dolphin and Whale essences

Contact Details

Cook's Farm, Tothill, Alford, Lincs LN13 0NJ
01507 450382/07583065760

Producer: Erik Pelham

Essencias Patagonia

Esencias Patagonia are prepared in the most remote and pristine landscapes of Chile, in South America. Since 2007 we have developed and researched more than 200 essences with the imprint of Flowers, Birds and Minerals. These lines complement each other by working at different levels. Each essence is prepared in the place by excellence of each species, in a framework of respect and gratitude for nature and people.

Chile has a big variety of untouched landscapes. Isolated by the Andes mountain range to the East, the ice fields and fjords to the South, the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Atacama Desert to the North, nature has evolved with lots of endemic species that can survive in those extreme weathers. Nature subjected to such extreme climates had to maximise its fundamental abilities for survival, becoming unique and resilient. 

Patagonia Essences activate the vital functions of the human being, reflected in the chakras, connecting back with the instinct of life, love, consciousness, and leading us to the purpose of our soul.

Contact Details:


Natalia Montes


Apoquindo 7935-B Of. 713, Las Condes. Santiago, Chile.

​Tel No (inc code): (+56) 226048612





Name of main producer: Sandra Viviani

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