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Silvercord Essences

Range: Silvercord Essences affect the mind, body and soul, bringing balance and harmony at a holistic level. When the essence is prepared the vehicle water is imprinted with the etheric matrix of the flower, tree, grass, fungus or gemstone and becomes structured. This is then encapsulated and preserved by alcohol. In the holistic reference to health and well-being, our essences are made for the mind and body, but also for the multidimensional facets of the soul.


Contact Details

2, St Fagan's House, Bradford Place.

Penarth, S Glamorgan CF64 1AJ

Tel: 02920701382

Producer: Colin and Diana Kingshott

Sovereignty Essences

Range: Ten composite/environmental essences linked to the yearly cycle of Nature,
for loss of direction, soul-loss and shifting spiritual blocks
Eight composite gem essences for anchoring to the Earth, easing cycles of spiritual growth.


A wide range of Gem Essences also available.

'Dragonsmeet' a range of essences made from water collected at sacred springs in Japan and the UK, and aura/room sprays.



Contact Details

'Llanddewi', Cefn Gorwydd, Llangammarch Wells, Powys, wales, LD4 4DN
01591 610792

Producer: Sue Lilly

     St Francis Essences (UK)

     St Francis Essences for Horses

     St Francis Essences for Horse Owners

The St Francis Essences are a range of natural vibrational essences made from the wild flowers and plants in the Pendle countryside in the heart of Lancashire.

The range has been made with a deep love and commitment to support horses, people and all other wild life in nature.

The St Francis Essences were founded by Karen Eastham in 2016 on the Festival of Animals and have been made to support all animals and people.

The Flower Essences can be used as a natural, gentle solution for horse’s emotional and behavioural issues. They are available as an individual essence or in conjunction with a consultation.

Essences are not intended as a substitute for correct Veterinary care. If there is any doubt about your animal’s condition please consult your Vet.

Contact Details

Intake Farm, Stang Top Road, Roughlee, Nelson, Lancs, B9 6NZ

0781 1254175

Producer: Karen Eastham

Stewart Essences

For her sixth birthday Jan Stewart chose a book of wild flowers. As a student she gained honorary membership of The Institute of Biology for her study of Oak Woodlands and, when lecturing, was an early campaigner for woodland preservation.

Jan discovered essences in the sixties. Her Moss Essences contain the cooling, cushioning powers of these non-flowering species whilst her 20 Forest Floor Essences hold the ability of forests to maintain equilibrium through a magical interplay of the five elements. Jan's practitioner experience in helping people come to terms with and accept their emotional shadows is captured in a set of 10 essences called Lighten Our Darkness. Stewart products also include 60 single and 20 crystal essences, 20 combinations and The Labyrinth Experience all designed to help individual moods and challenges.

Jan chairs the essence practitioner lead body, COREP, and is author of Bach Flower Botany.

Contact Details

Spa Villa, Lower Warberry Road, Torquay TQ1 1QS


0787 5740391

Producer: Jan Stewart


Sun Essences

Here at Sun Essences we supply a wide range of Bach Flower Remedies, Flower Essences and other well-being products designed to promote happiness and well-being.

We passionately believe that flower remedies should be hand-prepared in the traditional way, so that’s exactly what we do! Each individual bottle is therefore filled and labelled by hand with care and sensitivity.

Simple and safe for all the family, we also offer a programme of Flower Essences Courses in Norfolk, bringing the benefits of these wonderful, natural products to all.

Contact Details:

Sprowston Lodge, Wroxham Road,  Rackheath,  Norwich NR13 6NB

01263 732942



Producer: Vivien Williamson

super nature logo.png

Super Nature Essences


Super Nature Vibrational Essences are co-created with nature, to bring beautiful, healing, transformative energies into your energy system and life. They aim to get to the core of the energy you wish to introduce, inviting these powerful vibrations into your body, emotions, mind, and spirit.


Created in nature, often within powerful sacred sites, these essences combine the energies of trees, plants, flowers, the environment, and the moment itself. Sometimes created in a moment, sometimes on a pilgrimage, each essence has a beautifully balanced energy, created to work uniquely with each individual, whatever stage they are on their journey.

 Available in 30ml dropper bottles and 100ml Space and Aura Sprays  

Studio Super Nature is based in a Victorian mill in industrial Ancoats, Manchester. Sharing essences, therapies and meditations, it brings the healing power of nature to the heart of the urban city.

Contact Details:

203 AWOL Studios,Hope Mill, 113 Pollard Street, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 7JA



Instagram: @studiosupernature


Producer: Helen Scott

ScoutRock Logo

Scout Rock Essences

Scout Rock Essences are a range of over 100 gem and crystal essences.
The essences cover a wide spectrum of needs seeking to deal with emotional, psychological and deeply spiritual issues.
They have been successfully used in shamanic and spirtual healing work of all kinds. They work alone and as a support in and adjunct to homeopathic treatment.


Contact Details

18/1 McLeod St, Edinburgh EH11 2NQ

phone:- 07753505292

Fiona Dilston PGHom RHom FCMA
Registered Homeopath and Counsellor
Fellow of the Complementary Medical Association  

If you need an urgent appointment always check my calendar 

tel 07753505292

Producer: Fiona Dilston

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