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Najma Flower and Energy Essences

Our Flower Essences are made from local species using the standard Bach sunlight/water method.

Our Energy Essences are made in the ancient holy places and shrines of Lebanon, according to received guidance.

All our mother essences are preserved using local brandy from the Bekaa calley and all Essences are singles and sold in 15ml dropper bottles.


Contact Details

Ft 1, 51 Wilton Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, E Sussex, TN40 1HX
Tel: 01424 225372   Mob: 07969491061

Producer: Pema Sanders

Nature's Wish

Range: Combination and Individual Flower Essences from Nature's Wish

Our Combination Flower Essences have been developed to bring us back in tune with our bodies and the wonderful surroundings of nature. Crystal essences have also been selected to work with the flowers in some combinations.

Some of the plants and trees selected have been found when walking with our family and our dog. It was very much a case of the plants calling to be used, to be able to give their wonderful energy to us, to help us to re-balance.

The range consists of combination essences and individual Flower, Tree and Crystal Essences.


Contact Details

18 Chappell Close, Liphook, Hants, GU30 7BL
01428 725519

Producer: Amy Murphy-Watts

Natural Magick Essences/Celtic Moon Tree Essences


Natural Magick Essences are Flower, Tree, Vibrational Sound and Environmental essences.  

The sound is made using the scared sounds of tuning forks , pipes, voice, flute,

drums and didgeridoo at special sites, dedicated spaces, times of year and in certain moon phases.  


Contact Details


68 Edwards Drive, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon PL7 2SU


Producer: Linda Perry

New Life Essences

Flower essences (sunlight and moonlight)

Contact Details

White Hawk Medicine Lodge,

56 Warwick Ave, Edgware,

Middx, HA8 8UJ

Producer: Marion Davis

"Of All the Trees That Are In the Wood"

Essences of Unique and Inspiring Places, Essences of Sylvan Light

This range of intuitively inspired Vibrational Essences is the outcome of many years of development and refinement.

They ahve evolved to a point where they are ready to be shared with those who feel drawn to them.

These essences are intended to be a means of attuning to life-enhancing frequencies of light inherent in chosen places of unique and inspiring character, blended with harmony with the supportive, uplifting and unified qualities of a Woodland Grove.

"The Cornish essences" are the first set, to lead the way and two more sets of 3 essences will follow.

Contact Details:

Bubbles Farmhouse

Caldbergh, Leyburn, North Yourkshire




Producer: Jo Jeavons

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