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PipEssence is a range of natural based holistic sprays, each essence has unique ingredients lovingly combined to help you with everyday challenges and emotions in life.

Based on Dr Emoto's principals that proved that water droplets can store and memorise information and vibrations. Each of the Mother Blends has been created with different layers of vibrations combined from: stones, crystals, sound, flowers, environmental, channelled, with a finishing touch from essential oils as a light scented note.

Each can uplift. rebalance, cleanse and work with your uniqueness, either in your auric field or in the environment you are in.

By setting your intention for the water droplets to help you, allows each of the essence's unique energies to work.

Contact details:

49 Bovisands Park, Bovisands Lane. Down Thomas, Devon, PL9 0AE

07835 755597




Plant Consciousness Apothecary

At the Plant Consciousness Apothecary we work in co-creation with the conscious intelligence or spirit of the plants and flowers to produce high vibrational essences.

We have been working with the consciousness of plants and trees for many years, through our own healing journey and through our healing work with others and have carefully selected and produced these essences to assist you on your transformational path to inner peace and wellbeing, to a deeper relationship with nature and to your true essential self. 

Contact Details

Cross Cottage, Abbeycwmhir, Powys, Wales LD1 6PH

01597 851418


website: www.plantconsciousness.com/apothecary

Producer: Emma Farrell

Rainbow's End Essences

Re-Balance Essences and Cottage Garden Essences

Contact Details

Rainbow's End, Church Path, Lympstone, Exmouth, Devon, EX8 5HT
01395 269323


Producer: Karen Reid


Rainbow Lighthouse Essences

Rainbow Lighthouse Spiritual Centre was founded in 2002 by Spiritual visionary Roisin Eve Campbell. In 2016 Roisin Eve received guidance from spirit to create 72 Sacred essences from the forgotten plants of the earth.

Each Essence would carry the new vibrational frequencies of the New Earth of 2020.

The Essences have been kept in a spiritual hibernation for 4 years at the Rainbow Lighthouse Centre as a sacred alchemy of light, colour, plant and tone unified into Divine Oneness.

Dandelion and Fern are the Mother and Father of all the essences that will be birthed through until 2027.

Each Essence has a state of Being promoting the New Earth frequencies of awareness, intuitiveness, connectedness and oneness. The Essences heal emotional states, mental states and awaken new states of Spiritual living for this next 500 year cycle that the whole of humanity is entering.

Contact Details:

Rainbow Lighthouse, 84 Church Street, Dromore, County Down, BT25 1AA




Producer: Emma Henry

Rose-Gold Essences

Range: Rose-Gold Flower Essences are handmade using traditional methods and are individually made for each client. They are made during different phases of the Moon, lunar eclipses, certain planetary alignments and traditional Celtic celebrations. Some are made with the addition of crystals.
They are essences for healers to be used during time of energy fluctuation and imbalance. They operate to balance the higher energies coming into the planet at this time, to facilitate the integration of these new energies within healers and in turn, within those on whom they work.
They are a gift from Nature to help balance human energy and operate on a soul level to heal the past and to strengthen the future. They work in a very subtle way to bring calmness of mind and to repair imbalances on mental, spiritual and lightbody levels.


Contact Details

The Laurels, 44 Avenue Road, Witham, Essex, CM8 2DP
01376 500 109

Producer: Patricia Pullen