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BAFEP Essence Producers

BAFEP currently holds information about and contact details for 60 individual essence producers.

Chronological Listing:

Ilminster Essences, Green Man Essences, Healing Herbs of Dr Edward Bach, Crystal Herbs, Silvercord Essences,  Findhorn Essences, Ainsworths, Genesis Essences, Sovereignty Essences, , The Bach Producers, Creature Comforters,  Sun Essences, Go-Natural Essences, Wild Flower Essences, Grassdancer Essences, Wild Medicine Essences, Deborah's Starlight Essences, Eee Shell Trinity, Stewart Essences, Fen Essence, Florachology Essences, Verbeia,  Nature's Wish, Earth Mother Essences, Moonlight Essences, Rainbow's End Essences, Caroline's Flower Essences,  Guided Essences, New Life Essences, Moonflower Essences, Lotus Holistic, WildHeart Alchemy, Erik's Essences, An-Grianan Essences, Cornish Well Essences, Floral Unity, Wings of Gold, Anusha essences, EarthSong, Wildheart Animal Essences, Wings of Gold, Plant Consciousness, Of All the Trees, Essencias Patagonia, St Francis Essences, Pip Essences, Earth Scout Rock Essences, Illuminessence,  Allies of Nature , Monte da Vida - Forest Alchemy, Glorious Life Essences, New Light Essences, Limelight Essences,The Dark Sky and Solar System Tree and Flower Essences, Wild Lore Essences, Elven Essences, Blooming Blessings, Ohm Essences, Dingle Essences, Super Nature Essences, Alchemilla, Anima Essences, Gaia's Blessing, Lumen Viridia, The Ninth Halo Essences

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