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The Limelight Essences

From Snowdrop the first to arrive to Orca Whale Essence, which completed the range. The Limelight Essences , 144 in all, cover all aspects of the human sphere and associated energy frequency blocks. Ensuring a direct reconnection to Source and Higher Self with love and ease.

Embracing Earth energies  in the Earth  healers Range . The waters in the Fresh waters , and the Angels of the Sea ranges. Air and fire with the Dragons and the Star connections in Pathways to the Stars group. The 5th dimension healing starts with the Mystic Bridge , a group of 52 Essences. The higher frequencies are addressed starting  with the 12 Ascension Essences. The Limelight Essences are here to help all sentient beings on planet Earth.

Contact Details:

16 Central Road, Worcetser Park, Surrey, KT14 8HZ


Producer: Rosemary Hanson

Lotus Holistics

Founded in 2004. A variety of methods are used. These Essences were formulated from a mixture of Wild flowers, Garden flowers and plants, Gems and seaweeds.

Julie Bowman has used and worked with essences for over30 years.


Contact Details

3 Mayfield Road, Chaddesden, Derbyshire, DE21 6FX
01332 280021

Producer: Julie Bowman

forest alchemy logo.jpeg

Monte da Vida - Forest Alchemy



Forest Alchemy is range of Tree Essences and Hydrosol Essence Sprays, made in

collaboration with the trees and wild plants at Monte da Vida, a forest regeneration

project and meditation centre in the Alentejo region of south-west Portugal.

These essences can open up a direct link between the person taking them and the tree (or trees) that they were made from. Connecting with the trees, and linking into their woodland community can help maintain equilibrium amidst rapid change, as well as each having their specific qualities that can support emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

The wellbeing of the trees and the wellbeing of the user are intertwined, and any profits from sale of the essences are returned to support the health of the forest.

Contact Details:

Temple Guiting House, Temple Guiting, Cheltenham, Glos., GL54 5RS

07986 788525

Producer: Clare Finlator

Moonflower Essences

A range of flower, gem and environmental essences made in Kent in the South East of England and more recently in South West France. Just like the cooling moonlight rays, Moonflower Essences calm and soothe and may benefit those who are sensitive and those who are looking for more peaceful and nurturing ways of living.
We create both Sunlight and Moonlight Essences.
Our Sunlight essences are made by placing a bowl of pure water containing a flower or gem in sunlight. we then add water infused with moonlight to our essence bottles. This is what creates the uniqueness of our essences - creating balance between solar/yang and lunar/yin energy.
Our Moonlight Essences are made by placing a bowl of pure water containing a flower or crystal in moonlight only during the Full Moon period.
Moon energy is naturally reflective, cooling and brings our focus back to ourselves.


Contact Details

17270, Clerac, France

Producer: Sara Turner


Lumen Viridia

Lumen Viridia aims to create Medicine for the soul in co-creation with Plant Spirit to support people in their spiritual, empowering and healing journey.create Medicine for the Soul for healing and spiritual development, via co-creation with the Plant Spirits.



Contact Details:

35 David Street, Blaengarw, Wales, CF32 8AD

Tel: 07482 251599



Producer: Cristina Pandolfo

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