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Wildflower Essences

WildFlower has created a range of English flower essences to aid and nurture our emotional well being.

Woodlands,meadows and secluded riverbanks are home to many of our wild flower essences. Great care is taken to preserve these areas to ensure that we work in harmony with Nature.

At WildFlower all essences are handmade from natural ingredients.


Contact Details

Terwick Mill, Mill Lane, Trotton, Surrey, GU31 5JT

Producer: Paul Strode

Wildheart Animal Essences


Wildheart Animal Essences were born from a profound relationship with the wild animal kingdom, offering us an understanding of the special gifts of each animal and supporting us on our healing journey.

When we walk together with the animals, magic can happen, and we can learn how to tap into the wildness within, giving us the tools for healing ourselves and the world around us.

The essences were dreamed into being on the slopes of Glastonbury Tor, and made with deep reverence and respect using Glastonbury’s natural spring waters and shamanic traditions. They were developed to assist our connection to the land and its native animals.

All the animals are, or once were, native to the British Isles.

Contact Details

Flat 2, Ashwell Lane, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8BG

Producer: Casey Jon

Wild Medicine


Range: Flower, Plant, Tree, Rock and Cosmic essences.

Wild Medicine Plant Spirit Essences are made at Sacred Sites. The Essences are made at dawn with the energy of the Rising Sun and the Full or New Moon, using the spring waters of Chalice Well and the Glastonbury Tor. Each Essence is co-created with the Plant Spirits of the Wild Flowers and Trees of Avalon, the Isle of Iona and the ancient stone cirlce of Boscawen-un in Penwith.


Contact Details

69a Roman Way, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8AD
01458 830293

Producers: Nicki Kempston, Sophie Knock

WildHeart Alchemy

The WildHeart Alchemy range contains over 60 flower and environmental essences from plants growing in Spain, France, Greece, England and Orkney.
Single essences, Practitioner Set, Kinesiology Set, Tree Set, Orkney Set, Elements Set, Blends and sprays available.

Contact Details

8 Woodthorpe Road Birmingham B14 6EL


Producer: Juin Gibson

Wing of Gold

Gold essences, Colour Essences and Master Essences


Contact Details

81 Aldborough Road, Upminster, Essex, RM14 2RS
07577 880377



Producer: Trudi Nichols

Yorkshire Flower Essences

(Bailey Essences & Verbeia)

The Bailey Essences were created in 1967 by Dr Arthur Bailey. They are catalysts for changes towards positive personal growth and work on the attitudes of mind that are behind the emotions rather than on the emotions themselves.

All essences are individually made by hand as we feel strongly that their quality is greatly influenced by the care taken in their preparation. The standard Bailey kit contains 60 flower essences (including 20 composites) and the full Bailey range includes over 100 single essences. Also available are Bach essences, (all individually handmade and preserved in organic brandy), the Bailey Acupuncture Set, (comprising 12 essences which correspond to the Chinese Five Elements System), a range of flower essence books and Feng Shui/Space Clearing and Meditation flower essence sprays.


Contact Details

7 Nelson Road, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 8HN
01943 432012


Producer: Jenny Howarth

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