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Bach Essence Producers


Range: BEP is a collaboration between three experience and established Bach Essence makers. Two English and one French, who have joined forces in order to share a number of common goals.
Firstly, to jointly prepare a set of authentic Bach Remedies, according to traditional protocols, laid down by Dr Bach in the 1930's. We have also agreed to complete the essence making process only if the conditions are perfect. This level of committment gives customers total confidence in the qualities of the potencies produced.
Secondly, in the face of increasing demands, together we can ensure certainty of supply against the backdrop of decreasing natural habitat and climate change
The full set of 38 Bach Flower Remedies are available for purchase and also a range of Bach Flower Essence Blends. All are prepared in organic brandy and can be obtained in bulk in stock strength.


Contact Details

Well Cottage, 7 Church Road, Colby, Norwich, Norfolk, NR11 7AB
01263 732942

Producers: Gerard Wolf, Julian Barnard, Vivien Williamson

Beit Roga Gardens Essences

Range:Beit Roga Gardens Essences are a unique range of flower, tree and environmental essences made in Kochav HaShachar, Israel. The range consists of essences that provide support in going deep, uncovering our greatest truth, living with an open heart, and recognizing that our greatest wisdom lies within ourselves. They work quickly, and offer a profound sense of presence - providing comfort and support on a deep, personal, soul level. Grown in the Bible history-rich soil and nurtured by the deep emotion and rock hard strength carried here in the earth, these essences reflect the depth of heart, the ancient wisdom, the strength, that is the heart and soul of this country and its people.

Contact Details:

Kochav Hashachar 116,  D.N. Mizrach Binyamin, 90641, Israel




Producer: Devorah Harow

Brighid Path Essences

Imagine taking a journey through some of the cosmic truths that form our very being and the material world. Imagine the archetypal concepts of duality and creation unfolding anew inside your cells.  Imagine the spiritual laws of love, power and harmony rippling out from your core.  Imagine multiple applications for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  Imagine right alignment with the Land and all Her dwellers.  Imagine a spiral journey unfolding and ever evolving, ever deepening.

After more than ten years of working with the Goddess Brighid, Heidi Wyldewood undertook a Pilgrimage dedicated to Her during the month long vigil days of February 2017.  After this deep exploration of Her in the landscape and of Her aspects as Goddess, Druidess and Saint, the Brighid Path Essences were born.  Each essence contains an imprint of direct communication via channeled words, visions and energy transmission.

Primordial and ancient wisdom for a modern age.  Big 'medicine', from the Celtic Lands and from the Cosmic Force of the Sacred Feminine as Brighid, for a world and its people.

The range of twenty essences includes the set of nine encoded wisdom teachers (blue labels); the set of three amplifiers (green); the three sacred spaces (gold); the four earth and water healers (red); and finally the sacred presence of Brighid Herself, the Vigil (white).


Contact Details

 36 Powell Crescent Totton, Southampton, Hants, SO40 9FF
 07757 058512


Producer: Heidi Wyldewood

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