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Bach Essence Producers


Range: BEP is a collaboration between three experience and established Bach Essence makers. Two English and one French, who have joined forces in order to share a number of common goals.
Firstly, to jointly prepare a set of authentic Bach Remedies, according to traditional protocols, laid down by Dr Bach in the 1930's. We have also agreed to complete the essence making process only if the conditions are perfect. This level of committment gives customers total confidence in the qualities of the potencies produced.
Secondly, in the face of increasing demands, together we can ensure certainty of supply against the backdrop of decreasing natural habitat and climate change
The full set of 38 Bach Flower Remedies are available for purchase and also a range of Bach Flower Essence Blends. All are prepared in organic brandy and can be obtained in bulk in stock strength.


Contact Details

Well Cottage, 7 Church Road, Colby, Norwich, Norfolk, NR11 7AB
01263 732942
Producers: Gerard Wolf, Julian Barnard, Vivien Williamson


Blooming Blessings

Range of flower essences made in Brazil

Contact Details

Aline Camargo, 106 Manor Way, Ruislip, HA4 8HL


instagram page is @Bloomingblessinguk

Brazilian Website:

Producer: Gotas Do Infinictho

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