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Caroline's Flower Essences

Flower essences changed my life back in 2003, when they helped my son to start sleeping through the night regularly for the first time at the age of 7. This was thanks to Phytobiophysics. I had said that whatever healed my son Charlie I would learn, so this is what I did and completed my diploma in 2005. Since then I have been practicing Phytobiophysics and also creating my own flower essences which I have used on my clients. While living in Australia I decided to make it my mission to increase awareness of flower essences. Caroline's Essences first creation was Tropical Balance, 8 essences created with flowers, plants and trees from the rainforests on the sunshine coast of Queensland, Australia. I am back living in the UK and enjoying creating other essences both here and abroad on my travels. I am now enjoying making flower essence creams with essential oils. This combination of flower essences and essential oils in an organic base cream is proving to be magical – the nurturing element of applying the cream to the skin, the beautiful aromas and healing properties of the wild, organic and sustainable essential oils and of course the balancing and harmonising of the energy of the body and mind with the flower essences; the connection with nature for inner peace.



Contact Details

224 Whyke Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 7AH
07443 602740


Producer: Caroline Gibbons

Cathy Apples Flower Essences

Cathy Apples Flower Essences are made using flowers and blossom growing in the Snowdonia National Park. Working only with plants that have called to me, sharing deeply their energy message and wisdom.
The vibration of the flower is sun infused into purified mountain water collected by hand from a stream flowing on Cadair Idris (known as Shaman's Mountain).
The flower water is then blended with early morning dew. using only the freshest water and flowers to create beautiful energy essences. Preserved in brandy and batch laboratory tested.

Contact Details:

The Old POst Office, Bridge Street, Corris, Gwynedd, SY20 9SS



Chalice Well Essences

Chalice Well Essences support the healing journey, bringing balance, strength, steadfastness and encouragement to open the heart. They gently guide and hold whilst assisting connection to the radiant light within, the Divine spark that brings oneness with all that is.
The Essences contain a design for the unfoldment of human evolution and consciousness. Co-created and produced in the Chalice Well Gardens, they are an expression of the Spirit if the Chalice Well, providing a pathway for an inner journey through cleansing, alignment and vibrational transmission to peace, joy and wholeness.
When taking these Essences, we suggest calling upon the Spirit of the Well and asking that you may receive all that you need at this time.

Contact Details

The Chalice Well Bookshop Ltd, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8DD
01458 831154
01458 835528


Producer: Chalice Well Trust

Channel Island Flower Essences

Range: Channel Island Flower Essences and Channel Island Flower Essences for Horses: Flower essences intuited and made in the Channel Islands.

Contact Details

11 Rudham Road, Harpley, Norfolk, PE31 7TH
07495 649815

email: susie.morvan@cife.co.uk
web : to come

Producer: Susie Morvan

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Classical Essences of Dr Edward Bach & Altius Healing

38 essences of Dr Edward Bach made by Dirk Albrodt  and essences made by Claudio Santiagos

Contact Details/Distributers:

Claudio Santiagos

Manantiales # 330, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile


Av.Apoquindo 6410.Of.605.Las Condas, Santiago, Chile

Telephone 56-9-62237407 Fax 56-2-7753046

MEDICA (Exclusive distributor for Europe & Russia)


Tel.: +386 31 320 049, Fax: +386 5 922 48 08

Web page: www.medica-center.si

 e-mail: info.medica.center@gmail.com

email: altiushealing@gmail.com

Cornish Well Essences

Holy Well Essences: We are all attracted to special places where we feel a connection to our essential self; we are often seeking guidance and peace by resting quietly beside a holy well or listening to the flow of water as it makes its way through the countryside or laps on the seashore. Cornishwellessence co-creates essences with the flowers, trees, energy signatures, the devas and the guardians present at holy wells, sacred springs, beside the sea and in the countryside. The Holy Well Essences Range reflects our need for pause to gain perspective on our physical and spiritual journey. As part of our relationship with our living planet, and recognising that we still have a connection with the knowledge of starry heavens, the seasons and solstices that guided our ancestors, each individual essence supports you on the voyage. Cornishwellessence also makes a Pilgrimage Essences Range and Landscape Essences.

Contact Details

3 Lemin Park, Gwinear, Cornwall, TR27 5HJ
01736 8650869


Producer: Lesley Oates

Creature Comforters

Our Product Ranges include:
- Mother Essences for the Bach Flower Remedies (suppliers to manufacturers and Practitioners)
- The Original Pet Blends (this is trademarked)
- Stock Bach Flower Remedy Sets and Kits
- Bach Flower Divination Cards
- Flower Essence Blends for People

For over 35 years we have supplied our Blends, Bach Essences and Essences around the world. We passionately believe that Flower Essences should be made in the traditional way, therefore, during the entire manufacturing process: flower collection, 'infusion' and bottling, all our products are hand-prepared with care, attention and sensitivity. We blend all our essences to a traditional stock concentration, direct from the 'Mother' essence - precisely as stipulated by Dr Bach. Authentic Essences made with love, care and dedication.
Jane Stevenson, founder of Creature Comforters, is an Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner for people and animals, with over 35 years experience.


Contact Details

The Lawns, 4 Top Common, East Runton, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9PW
(01263) 516945

Mobile: 07415847437


Producer: Jane Stevenson

Crystal Herbs

Range: Crystal Herbs produces an extensive range of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences including our own Bach Flower Essences, which are handmade to the original instructions of Dr Edward Bach. For those seeking deeper change and transformation there is our Divine Harmony, Chakra Essence & Pure Vibration Spray ranges all of which are deep acting combinations of essences specifically designed to work with particular issues. Other single essence ranges include Karmic Essences, Angel, Archangel & Ascended Master essences and our Rose Collection set. We also have a wonderful selection of over 500 single Flower, Gem & Crystal essences which can be used individually or blended into your own unique combinations. We have been making and selling vibrational essences for over twenty years now and our focus is as always, on providing you with quality energetic products together with information, help and support for your personal journey. All our essences are hand made with love and consciousness and preserved in organic brandy. We supply retail, practitioner and wholesale customers


Contact Details

16 Hall Farm, Station Road, Pulham Market, Norfolk. IP21 4XF
01379 608059


Producer: Catherine Keattch and Sam Cremnitz

Sam is the current BAFEP Treasurer