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BAFEP is the trade association for producers of Bach Flower Remedies and other types of Essences, both in the UK/EU and beyond. It sets and maintains standards of production, labelling and advertising in accordance with the guidelines as laid down by various UK governmental agencies.

BAFEP also keeps abreast of the ever-changing politics within both the UK and EU that concern essences both now and in the future. For the general public BAFEP provides a listing of over 60 essence producers (including 8 who produce Bach Flower Remedy ranges according to the traditional instructions laid down by Dr Edward Bach) who abide by BAFEP standards and are entitled to use the BAFEP logo in their literature and labelling.

BAFEP welcomes non-UK/EU members, on condition that they meet the essence production and labelling requirements of their country and should their essences be imported into the UK/EU, their labelling and literature also meet UK/EU requirements.

BAFEP produces a guideline booklet about labelling, literature, Health & Safety etc. Free on application for contact details, view the contact page.



  1. To represent the interests of essence producers.

  2. To set and maintain standards.

  3. To represent producers interests to other parties and to be a consultative body for advice.


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Recognised Courses



Following many requests BAFEP has agreed to support essences courses which meet the following requirements:

  • The BAFEP committee has the final word in assessing whether a course can be listed or not.

  • The course provider, if not a member of BAFEP, will pay an annual fee of £50 per annum or part thereof to BAFEP for the duration of their course's listing.

  • The course provider will lodge a full syllabus or scheme of work with BAFEP for the committee to examine and accredit where appropriate.

  • The course provider agrees to teach a course as shown by the syllabus/scheme of work lodged with BAFEP.

  • The course provider agrees to only use essence ranges that fully meet the legal requirements of the UK or the country where the essences are made.

  • The course provider must operate a Grievance Procedure for students (BAFEP can provide this if required).

  • Complaints about listed courses will be investigated by the BAFEP Committee and the course removed from the listing should the complaint be upheld.

Course providers wanting to list courses or display conference details, please contact the BAFEP Secretary on Email:

See Course Listing: Here

Insurance Arrangements

BAFEP Members on the UK can apply for insurance for practice and production of essences.
Please contact:
Web: Holistic Insurance Services

Holistic Insurance Services,
181A Watling Street West, Towcester, Northants, NN12 6BX.
T:01327 354 249

You will need to provide evidence of BAFEP membership by including a certificate, which can be obtained from the BAFEP Secretary.

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