Types of Essences

Based on the listing of the Brazilian Protocol 1998/9


1.  Flower Essences          – made using water/sunlight  (most producers use this method in some form)                       

                                             - made using water/moonlight                       

                                             - using a mediator (i.e. a crystal, plant spirit)

                                             - using a boiling method

                                             - pouring water over flowers

                                             - dipping live flowers into water                


2.  Plant Essences (the fruit, root, stem, twig, seed etc of a plant)          

                                            - using sunlight/water                        

                                            - using moonlight/ water                                

                                            - using a boiling method

                                            - using a mediator (i.e. a crystal, plant spirit)


3. Mineral, Crystal or Gem Essences                                                       

                                            - using sunlight directly into water                                  

                                            - using moonlight directly into water                             

                                            - using either of the above with the crystal/gem resting next to the container, but not in the water (indrect methods) (In some countries this is mandatory as the other methods require knowledge of mineral toxicity)

4. Environmental Essences                                                    

                                            - using sunlight/water in a specific location and/or specific time                    

                                            - using moonlight/ water in a specific location and/or specific time                             

                                            - using a mediator (i.e. a crystal, spirit) in a specific location  and/or specific time


4b. Channelled Essences                                                                           

                                            - focus and channelled energies into water     

                                            - a mediator is used (guide etc] directed into water                   


5. Radionic/Energy Essences                                                                               

                                             - specialist pendulums                                                  

                                             - radionic ‘Black box’ or similar                               

                                             - other device like computer programme, laser                                        


6. General Essences (any that do not fit into any of the above)               

                                                - light essences

                                                - sound essences


7. Composite essences can be  any of the above in one making - that is various sources in or near the same bowl at the same time                        

8. Combination essences can be  any of the above in one or more makings - that is combining single essences made from various sources and at various times